The Delusion of Capitalism Where 1+1= as much as I can get!

An Equal Money System is an Alternative to the current capitalist system. It is interesting that even amongst the daily news headlines of Riots and Wars and Economic Recession, drought and starvation etc that what we at Desteni are Proposing as a SOLUTION to this mess, Still seems to fall on deaf ears.

An Equal Money System is an Alternative Solution to the current capitalistic system that is based on equality and providing ALL the necessary living requirements to ALL human beings on this earth. And it does this unconditionally, meaning one does not have to fight and compete against their neighbour for a job and for survival but that within an equal money system the basic necessities of life will be provided for automatically as a birth right, and thus will lay the groundwork so that ones environment actually support the bringing forth the possibility for one to of love thy neighbour.

I have herd many debates on the best way to go about fixing the collapse of our economy or about how our current system is broken and we need a solution.

Yet I have not herd anyone speaking about an actual solution.

Of course except for Desteni, as we ARE presenting a solution.

An Equal Money System is the Only Alternative to capitalism that I have herd, as the few other “solutions” that I have herd are only different spins on capitalism but still operating on the same principle of capitalism, or rather I should say the same delusion of capitalism. That being capital. Or profit. The idea that one is able to get back more than they put in. The point of wanting more than another so that you can secure your survival at the expense of another. Lets explore this point further. This point of capitalism and the delusional principle that it is based on the idea that one is able to get back more than you put in.

The point that comes up for me when I look at this, is what does believing/operating on such a principle actually imply about a being. What is it showing about you, that one believe they are able to “get back more than they put in” Or  Get Something For Nothing, Or that they would even want this to be so. I mean it is indicating that a being does not want to express themselves, and actually LIVE, but would rather sit docile and dormant and just have things given to them – I simply do not see that as an actual supportive expression of life, and really imply that one has in a way given up on life, on self and self expression and would rather sit there doing nothing while things are just delivered to them – Though from my perspective things do not actually work this way in fact, and so it is not possible to in fact get what you are not willing to give. Unless of course you exist in delusion…Oh wait, WE DO, Its called capitalism!

The System  prolific around the Globe is Capitalism, operating on the delusion that 1+1=3 or 7 or 1000. The Sky is the limit really, in capitalism. It is not grounded in ACTUAL REALITY.

So perhaps the reason why no one Hears or Sees the Solution of Equality As what we are putting forth Here at Desteni is because the entire populous is Delusional! Obviously exemplified within the fact that we have accepted the delusional principles of capitalism WORLDWIDE as a valid system of operation.

if you are interested in an Actual  SOLUTION that is NOT just another angle of Capitalism, Research the Equal Money System A system that is grounded in reality and 1+1=2.

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Little Boxes on the Hillside Little Boxes all the Same

I have been working quite a bit the last month. I am at the moment working in a landscaping job where I work with a crew of about 4 or 5 and we make the yards for mostly new homes that are just being built. This year we have worked primarily in one area which is a new neighbourhood which is just being developed where we come in and then build up the yard and do the landscaping for the individuals who “own” (make payments on) the house. Mostly the houses are quite close together and the yards are pretty small. But this is “normal” and people then just accept and make the best of their “little slice of heaven” and in this make a life for themselves with job, marriage, kids, entertainment. And that’s life.
I have wondered how houses will look like in an equal money system, and how we would develop the entire point, like for instance looking at how houses and areas within a city are currently developed in relation to the point of money and our capitalistic system; Basically where the development and placement of houses is in direct relationship to money and how to optimize on making profit. Would we really build houses this close together with tiny little yards if there was an equal money system. It seems that neighbourhoods are created to support the point of money and generating money. So that one can move efficiently to and from their job and basically keep the system pumping and moving to generate and extract and optimize capital and money movement.
People spend so much time, so much of their life working. Not for themselves even, but for other people. The problem with this is that people are only considering themselves and building and creating their own lives in competition and at the expense of others.

This is where the fuck up is.
I remember when I was working on the desteni farm I was always pushing myself to become more specific and effective in any job I was doing. Because I had the sense that anything I created and applied myself within on the desteni farm was actually going towards and supporting LIFE, and was being done within the consideration of the principle of “what is best for all” Not just supporting the decoration, presentation, and strengthening of someone’s personal empire who really is only concerned with their own ego and self interest and have simply accepted this world the way it is and now is ready to live out their life and have essentially accepted this world as it is and see “nothing wrong with it”

I suggest putting ones actions towards and living and expressing for “what is best for all” and put an end to the expression within and towards the expanding of our egos, and competition and self interest. At Desteni we express ourselves within the principle of “what is best for all” and are willing to give up a system as our current system that is abusing life for a new system as an equality based (money) system where human beings actually honour each other and life.

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SECURE the FUTURE of your CHILD With Equal Money System

Why do parents fear the future of their children and what can be done to make the parents the foundation of a world that is best for all?
Parents fear the future of their children because of the world we live in. It is Brutal, and it is Unforgivable, and there are no Guarantees. When a child leave home for the first time, they are likely completely unaware of how the system works, and unaware of what one will eventually be coerced into doing to make a suitable living. The system effectively take a child, innocent in its expression and twist and mold it into a functional cog in the wheel of the system, to serve the system with absolutely no regard for the being at all. When entering the system your life as a human being is essentially over, and now for the rest of your life you will be a system being.
Parents fear for their children because they know just how difficult it is to “make it” in this world, and how this world is in fact “so dangerous” in soooooo many ways. That is what is fascinating about the current system we live in. It is like walking through a mine field where there are so many scenarios where your well-being could unexpectedly be threatened. The majority, if not ALL of these scenarios created through and because of one singular point. MONEY.
Money is the reason why Parents Fear for the future of their children, because there is no Guarantee that they will have money. Imagine how much of the fear of a parent for its child would be alleviated if they were “well-off” and had allot of money and used this money to not only prepare the child with the Best Education money could buy, but also, making sure the child has the necessary support structure such as, stable home and transportation, and all the basic needs well in hand, such as food etc. I mean Money buys security and gives all the necessary tools that an individual requires to become a fully functional member of society. And if your family had for instance enough money to provide any and all of these necessary tools and support structure for their children and to support them through easily until they were able to support themselves for how ever long this took, then there would be much much much less reason for worry or fear of the future, because you then just essentially use money to ENSURE the future of your child, and do not leave this up to fate so to speak. Quite fascinating this point actually. Fate only exist where there is no Money. Then you must “leave it to fate” Though fate can be controlled, directed and overcome with Money. Thus another indication that MONEY IS GOD. But getting back on topic. The crucial point here is that you do not have to fear for your childs future if you have an abundance of money, because you can use that money to develop, protect and support your child throughout its life.

The problem though is that this is only possible for a tiny fraction of the population. The rest of the bulk majority must FEAR for the Future of their children because they are still in fear essentially of their own survival which is essentially just not have a stable effective Guaranteed cash flow.
So what can Parents do so that they never have to Fear for the future of their children again, and place themselves and their children in a position where every basic need and requirement for their childs effective development is Guaranteed. It is simple. Support an Equal Money System. Within an Equal Money System fear for the future of your child will be eliminated as within an Equal Money System, the future of your child is Guaranteed starting on the very moment they enter this earth to the very moment they leave. The Entire LifeSpan of an individual will be covered through within an EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM, as all the basic tools and requirements for an individuals development within this world will be provided within an equal money system. It will not longer be a question of “what if”. It is Guaranteed as a Birth Right within an Equal Money System that ALL Beings have Equal Access to the necessary points that are required for the full and enriched development of the being.
So parents out there, if you are truly interested in the security of your Childs future, There is only one Solution that can Guarantee This, And that is an Equal Money System as within an Equal Money System there is nothing left up to chance but is actually a System where we decide to take fate into our own hands and Give Every being on Earth the Gift of Life where the Futures of ALL are Guaranteed through/by an Equal Money System providing All, with the necessities of life and a effective life income from birth till death to provide for all a Dignified, abundant, and expressive life.
Learn More how this Equality Monetary System Works –
Learn more about how to take fate into your own Hands with Desteni I Process (DIP) –

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Greece Bail-Out Situation – Revealing Inherently Flawed Money System

I have done some research into the Greece Bailout so reporting here on what I have found.

What I have found out is that the reason Greece was “bailed-out” in the first place around a year ago, and why they are on the cusp of another economic bail-out now is exactly the same. It is because they are at risk of defaulting on their loan payment, which means that they simply do not have enough money to make the next payment owing. And that if they default on the Loan, than those that made the loans will never get paid back what they lent out and effectively lose money. So, rather than let this happen, they instead lend Greece more money or re-structure the loans so that Greece can make the payments and basically continue to be in debt to the creditors and thus continue to pay them what they are owed.

Our current money system is so far out of control, that there are multiple, multiple scenarios existing like this “Greece bail-out” situation going on all over the world, not only with countries but also individuals.  The majority of working class individuals exist in debt and make debt payment each money, and many many, simply are not able to pay the required amount as the system they live/exist within does not provide for them the necessary outlet via jobs to ensure they can make the payments. The entire system is busy collapsing in on itself.  We have trapped ourselves in this mess.

It is the system that is collapsing. Not the people.

So if the system collapse, the people will still be standing. Though this will not be all that cool to have the system collapse yet at the same time, the system is dying and there is no point attempting to save it. Particularly given that it is a system that as We are ALL experiencing at the moment, is just creating allot of stress, tension, anger, frustration, depression, poverty, suffering and other things of this nature to life, so BEST TO LET IT DIE.

Lets look at this as an opportunity to turn our attention to a NEW system. A new system that will take the place of the Old system which is at the moment collapsing and taking many people down with it.

The New System is an EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM. A System based on Equality and What is Best for ALL. There will be no such thing as Rich and Poor in the New System but rather ALL will be provided for Equally  to be able to live a Dignified life with no exception. There will be no Banks that Lend out money and must be paid back, meaning there No one will owe any debt, as everything will be wiped clean. ALL money will be given as an unconditional birth right with no one person or group who is entitled to more or less than other being. ALL LIFE IS EQUAL and thus we require a money system to match this and show our awareness of who we are as life as Equals. A money system that reflect an actual caring and respect to ALL Life. And this is an Equal Money System.

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YouTube – Animal shelter cruelty: 2: equal money

YouTube – Animal shelter cruelty: 2: equal money.

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Babies couldn’t wait, mom billed $22K – Toronto – CBC News

Babies couldn’t wait, mom billed $22K – Toronto – CBC News.

Support an Equal Money System So that The Expression of Life is no longer burdened by how much money you have. Our Current Capitalistic Money System is actually SUPPRESSING Life. Join the Equal Money Revolution and Lets bring about an environment where Self Expression does not cost money but is a birth right for ALL that is here.
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