2012: Living Beyond Our Means – A System of Debt.

Ok so I have just finished watching a Documentary called “How the West Went Bust” I enjoyed the documentary as it opened up allot of points about our current economy so I am going to have a look here at and investigate for myself in writing some of these aspects.

The First point the documentary brought up is the point of “living beyond our means” This in essence being a attribute of a debt based society where one is able to support ones life style through debt and borrowing money so that they can continue to live in a way that they cannot actually afford.

This makes me think of a garden and how it takes a set amount of time for instance to grow a batch of carrots to feed yourself.

So what we have occurring is basically a world or society that believes that as long as we have money, that everything will be ok. That Money is the source of life and not taking into consideration at all the actual practical necessities and process which determine our survival here on the planet like for example we we require as a basic requirement to support our physical body to stay alive and be functional.

So this point of “living beyond our means” is actually indicating a flaw in our current money system and revealing it to be delusional, and not aligned with what is actually in fact REAL in terms of how the world actually works.

We are in essence using money to buy our veggies from the garden, and separating ourselves from the actual process of how those veggies, those products came to be. We have participated now so extensively in the current money system that we keep going on living like Money is the solution to our problems. How can I get more money, what is going to earn me more money, if I have money everything will be ok.

The problem is we are destroying the planet. It does not matter how fucking rich we are. If there is no food left to buy we will DIE!

How does one live beyond their means if money was taken out of the equation.

Say for instance you are in a position where you must grow your own food. Here you must be realistic. You must work with the cycles of the planet and the laws of time and space and the grow cycles of the food.

You cannot “live beyond your means” it is simply not physically possible. You cannot just Demand that there be food. You cannot accumulate money and then magically you can have food. Nope. You actually must wait for the food to  grow.

So the entire idea of “living beyond your means” by getting debt out of the bank to support your lifestyle, is quite delusional. It is like going into debt to buy food that is not there. Or to look at it this way – Going into debt to support many of the current lifestyles in this world is delusional because those lifestyles are not based on Equality. And are thus not sustainable. They are delusional lifestyles being supported by debt, by money that one doesn’t even have.

Doesn’t  getting “debt” (a loan) and using this to afford a lifestyle not possible without it, or put another way,  “living beyond your means”, imply that someone else,  somewhere in the world is living beneath their means?

This would actually make sense in considering the workers in China who are working for a fraction of nothing to actually produce the products, for those of us “living beyond our means” in a system of debt, and borrowed money.

We have no idea where things come from, we just think and believe that things come from the store, that we can get away with “living beyond our means” through/within a system of debt. A Garden only produce so much food each harvest, it does not matter how much money you have in your pocket if there is no food to buy you cannot simply demand it magically be there. Money and our current Debt Based Money System has Truly Fucked with our perception of how reality works.

The Money System creates an illusion that everything is ok. I see this in the city I live in. As long as money keeps turning around then we can go on living, believing that the life style that we live and have come to accept, is normal and working just fine. We just  go on thinking about the same things, “when is the next big game” “what new movies are coming out” and pursuing the same “American Dream” goals and aspirations, vying for that next big promotion.   We are living in a bubble created by the current money system and are not able to see anything outside this bubble of pretty pictures and smiling faces. The world is already fucked, Soon our bubble will burst and we will be faced with this harsh reality.

We are Not considering that we are in fact living a delusion and “Living Beyond Our Means” this indicating that we are taking from somewhere else, and someONE else. So -when we see children starving in Somalia or People suffering in Poor Working Conditions in factories in Asia or somewhere else, we can simply look to  our own life style, where we can get “instant everything” from fastfood to coffee to clothes in the shop, AS THE REASON for such “misfortunes” of others taking place in other various parts of the world that we seemingly have no idea how such things could happen to someone so “unlucky”

So the point I am simply looking at here is what is DEBT in fact? What does the entire essence of DEBT (Living Beyond Our Means)  imply and further, what does this mean that our entire economy, our Entire World System that is a system of capitalism based on debt  living beyond our means suggest and hold in store for the future of such a system and the Future of the World. What is going to happen when Our Debt bubble burst!

Investigate Desteni and  Equal Money System 


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