Life in an Equal Money System – No More Economics that Nobody Understand – Clear Money Talk For All

Life in EMS – No more economics that no body understand – clear money talk for all

Well this point is quite common sensical actually. Though to establish this in our current reality will take some doing.

It should be common sense that all beings on earth are provided with the necessary vocabulary and language skills or education so that their ability to function and interact within this world/system is not hampered in any way through by not being able to understand something or communicate effectively due to lack of education that was either ineptly provided through the current education system or not available at all from the perspective of one not having the necessary economic sustenance in their life to open their access to education.

So Currently for the majority of the population you have either no education or poor education – neither side providing the necessary tools and skill sets within ones foundational learning years to be able to prepare them to eventually walk into the system/world fully prepared to meet any task / challenged they are faced with.

Thus in an Equal Money System, the Educations System will actually Educate!  Instead of doing what it is actually doing at the moment which is programming beings to compete against each other and fight for their survival injecting them with useless knowledge and information that has no actual practical substance to develop an individual to be a fully functional contributing member of society.

At this stage school and education seems like an afterthought in this world in terms of how it is actually preparing beings for the “real world” where one is literally left standing out in the cold with no actual understanding or practical knowhow to provide for themselves in going out into the system and getting a job, or buying a home or vehicle, or doing your taxes, basically the necessary practical points which ALL beings should have a firm grasp on by the time they leave school.

Obviously the fact that MONEY, the very point which literally determine if one live or die,  Isn’t being taught in school shows an Clearly an error in the structure of our education system and the lack of common sense of humanity at the moment.

I remember when I graduated from high school and was preparing to go to University. I started getting these letters in the mail from these people called the “IRS” saying I owed them money. Lolol, how silly this was, I thought to myself – How could I possibly owe these IRS people money, and so much of it? It doesn’t make sense.  I just graduated? I never signed up for anything?…I concluded that it must be junk mail or some kind of scam, and just tossed the letters in the trash.  Eventually I found it was actually real.

I was not at all prepared for how the world was actually functioning. I had no idea how to start practically managing my own affairs in the system. My basic education/training did not effectively train me to understand what I was dealing with…Or maybe one could say this is the parents responsibility? Yes of course,  they can do that in all their Free-Time that our current world system so lovingly provides? Ok I am being sarcastic. I am basically just looking at how there are so many layers within how we have set-up our world system that is just literally fucking ourselves on multiple levels and not actually supporting ourselves as humanity to evolve or create the effective conditions that one could identify as LIFE really. We have created our own living Hell of competition and fighting to survive which is Not at all living.


Our politicians talk funny.

They speak using big complicated words about our economy and then show charts and graphs and basically no one knows what they fuck they are going on about anyways unless you have actually studied economics.

Its like having a million different words for the word orange which only make matters unnecessarily complicated. I mean I just want to eat the orange can you just pass it to me already!

Thus more effective, practical and common sensical education for ALL beings on earth, particularly on those points which is essential for each one to have a firm grasp on like for instance in our current system “money” would be one of these essentials.

And also push for simplicity and common understanding within communication.


Deliberate Manipulation

Then there is the point of deliberate manipulation that is taking place in government and politics, basically by those in control of the Money and who have power in this world. Obviously from their perspective its better if people don’t actually “get it” because then they would see that they are in essence being ripped off or lied to or taken advantage of. So yes it is easier then from this perspective (having complicated language no one understands) to hide that which you do not want to be seen.

In EMS there will be NO reason to hide anything at all as all will be functioning within a principle of what is best for all. If you are truly interested in supporting humanity and what is best for all then you would actually have no reason to filter or hide anything – Thus what does this then imply about our current governments of this world that everything seems to be done behind closed doors, or if not, communicated in a language that you need a god dam dictionary to comprehend. It implies that they are not acting in the best interest of the people – otherwise they would just clearly show openly what they are doing.


So in EMS vocabulary and understanding around money and how the system actually function will be pushed to be common knowledge for all, so that all are informed. Creating a more common sense language of understanding does not mean there will not be room for different dialects or specificity of vocabulary. It means that first and foremost we develop our Language Systems so that it actually SUPPORTS our evolution instead of hampering it! Thus to push for common understanding so that all beings are well informed about how the world system is functioning. How this reality functions. Who we are as living life forms and how we create our reality. Thus initially this may require a more simplistic language structure while we get everyone on the same page and equalized with the point of education.

The point here is to bring forth actual Self Awareness of who we are as life. And to Empower All of us as a group, as a humanity, so that our decisions and direction within our lives are clearly and substantially informed and also aligned with how things are actually working in this world.

Thus- no more complicated money talk that no one can understand. It is counter productive to evolution.

It is not practical

It does not support what is best for all.

It supports separation and isolates ourselves from ourselves.

I mean at the rate we are going in this world soon every being here will have their own little language that only they understand and no one will be able to communicate with each other at all, We will be Completely dislocated and cut off from one another – From a certain perspective we have actually already done this extensively it’s just we haven’t noticed.

How the $#&! Are we supposed to “work together” as a group if we do not understand each other or speak the same language?

Thus we require language to unite ourselves as a group so we can walk as a group, as earthlings living on planet earth all together as one, working effectively together to make sure our world is smooth flowing operation functioning within the principle of what is best for ALL and providing a dignified enjoyable life for each one that is here.

The Equal Money System BOOK is a comprehensive guide explaining the intricacies of how the equal money system will function is now available at the Eqafe Store along with other self support merchandise.

Equal Money Book


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