Who will decide the prices of products and services in an Equal Money System?

Who will decide the prices of products and services in an Equal Money System?

There will be no prices in an Equal Money System. As there will be no reason to “generate” money.

Thus no reason to receive money for a product. Shops will not function in EMS the same way they do today. Today there is a price for everything because of the necessity to generate money to survive.

This necessity will not exist in EMS as the Function of an Equal Money System will be to Provide ALL with a dignified life unconditionally meaning,  Not something that one only has access to if they have money. Thus in EMS ALL will be given / have access to the products and services one requires to meet their basic survival needs. Sufficient food and water, shelter, clothing, education, transportation, etc will be provided to all equally within EMS

Another interesting point to look at here is the products and services that are currently available in this world and the prices put on these products and services.  With the necessity to generate profit within a capitalistic system,  it no longer becomes about the product or service being offered  but about the Price one can get for something.

Thus products are created solely for the purpose of making money – That is why you have  10 of exactly the same thing in different packaging  So much of what is produced today will cease to exist in EMS simply because of it being based purely on generating profit.

The elimination of such pointless Derivative products will make it much easier to provide for all. For instance instead of having 10 factories all making the more or less the same product. You have 1 factory do this = Common Sense.

There is no point in providing 40 different brands of exactly the same thing. This is only done to attempt to acquire the share of the profit – that is only reason for such cloned and copied products. Rather if those companies/individuals are truly interested in creating a superior product, then they can all share their secrets openly and work together to create a truly superior product that will benefit ALL. Because they will no longer have to worry about where they are going to get the money to provide themselves with a good life, because in EMS this is “automatically” provided for each one.

So in essence in an equal money system there will not be an unnecessary excess of products which are either knock-offs of other products or completely useless and serving no other purpose but to get money out of your wallet.

So products and services will not have a price in EMS. They will simply be made available to all as a foundation of Support to provide all beings on earth with their basic survival needs and requirements from birth to death.

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