Equal Money System – What I Thought When it was First Introduced to Me.

I remember the first time I herd of Equal Money.  I was in the Kitchen on the Desteni Farm and it was Bernard who mentioned the point to me. I had initially gone for a visit to the Desteni Farm based on the Material I had researched and the interactions I had with those involved with Desteni at the time. I understood that I was getting acquainted with a “life changing” process, though this process of change was not yet mentioned at all within the context of an Equal Money System. I was there on the farm interested in learning more about myself and how to “change” and to learn more about this process of equality and realizing ourselves as life.

My First reaction to hearing about this “Equal Money System” was in a way a “Non-Reaction” It was so insignificant to me in that moment,  that it was like a wisp of smoke that quickly disappeared into nothingness .

I look back on this first initial reaction I had when hearing about an Equal Money System for the first time and find it quite fascinating at how I was able to completely, disregard/dismiss this point of having any value what so ever.

It took around 4 to 6 months of Bernard bringing the point of an equal money system into the daily conversations around the farm until I started to see that “Ok this might actually be something real”

Even still, It was still very “distant” to me. I would not have anticipated being even where we are now with the Equal Money System where in now I am getting a sense of how one actually take a point that is not yet here and bring it here. Create it, Manifest it. Which is what is happening/what we involved with  Desteni are doing with an Equal Money System.

I initially had no idea what an equal money system was, and even more – I was NOT interested in knowing about it at all. It was like I rejected it as having any value whatsoever.

I see that the reason I reacted the way I did to hearing about Equal Money Initially was because I had only the context/ background of what I was taught during my life-time to assess/comprehend  the “validity”  of something within the context of “what I understood this  (being valid) to be”.

In terms of my accepted and allowed belief systems, “Money” was not something that I ever considered /saw/recognized as being a Solution For this world. In fact I was not even at a stage where I had really considered actually taking on/ participating in a World Solution For ALL.  This kind of “thinking” was still “foreign” to me so to speak. I was still existing how I was trained to exist. For myself. Considering Me First, and not worrying about the rest of humanity because this world is just to big anyways. Yes I was existing within the programming/ beliefs that I was given.

So In terms of self realization, self change and transcending the mind and consciousness and all that – I believed this to be a strictly spiritual journey so to speak. One that was more of an internal process and had not yet started to see the practical physical reality that I lived in and how the World in all its systems, including the Money System worked together as “The System that determined the experience of ourselves here on earth”

whenever an Equal Money System was Mentioned   – My programming “did not compute”.

This reveals an aspect of how I actually function as an human being.

It revealed that given the current context of myself in that moment, the only reference points I had to process “Equal Money” were based on my already accepted beliefs, ideas, perceptions and thus, I rejected it. I classified it in the “Money Category” which in itself  in the context of how I had/have constructed/designed my belief system  was classified  under “Not-Relevant”. Thus anything to do with Money was “Not Relevant”

I realize now that Equal Money is not operating under the same rules that we are currently accepting and allowing ourselves as humanity to operate under. Thus “Money” within the Context of “Equality”  or “Equal Money” Is not at all comparable to “Money” within the context of our current world which is based in on a whole entire different set of rules – Namely “Self Interest” and putting yourself before the group as one of the primary principles our our current system/world


I realize now, that I “made up my mind” about Equal Money. Based on the Set of Rules that I was used to. And that were not applicable to Equal Money. I also responded to Equal Money from the perspective of an extensively limited understanding of reality. I had not even at that stage realized/ was able to see the power and control money has in this world and the atrocities that are being committed in the name of money. I believed to a certain degree that I was Free. I was Brainwashed, as this is the only way I could have truly, authentically  believed myself to be free in this world. I was in a way just Living out my life until I die.  Apparently Free in terms of what I was “seeing”.

I had separated myself from this reality to such an extent that I was not even beginning to see the mess that we have created, let alone to be able to see an actual solution to fix it. Thus I ultimately made a Decision about equal money based on a Delusion. Based on a Program that was not capable of seeing what is really Here and Happening in this world.   I responded like a perfect Robot! Exactly how I am programmed to Respond and See. Equal Money was in essence a New Program, and I simply could not compute and was using the only program I had at the time to classify, categorise and attempt to make sense of Equal Money. And I so thoroughly without a doubt believed that my “take” on Equal Money was Correct…That it’s  just some “Nice Idea” that has no actual Validity in this World.

For the first while I would listen about what Equal Money was but it all just seemed so insignificant. After about an Entire Year of being exposed to Discussions about an Equal Money System did I see, “Ok this is not going away” this is real shit” Ok time to “get this point” So it took some time of Equal Money being explained to me over and over again from multiple different perspectives and contexts before I realized that this is something that “I want to understand” and that I must become my own directive principle on this in terms of doing my own research and making sure I understand all the points etc.

It has been around 3 years ago now when Equal Money Was First Mentioned to me. There is now Hundreds, if not thousands of videos and documents available for research as well as a website, and The First Two Volumes of The Equal Money Book has recently been completed and made available at EQAFE.com

Equal Money System has moved up my “priority list” from the perspective of “what I give value to” of “How I organize and prioritize myself” with regards to “what I give attention to”.  In the beginning it wasn’t even on the list! Now it is The main point of focus in my life, along with other Desteni Process related things, which at this stage is focused on the Point of Brining Forth an Equal Money System.

So it is from the  perspective of my experiences that I understand why so many people are able to disregard Equal Money so instantly and pass it off so easily as a silly Idea.

Because that is exactly what I did. Where now I find myself Writing this document about My Experience with this point to assist and support others to get to know a little more what an Equal Money System is, as to direct myself to Facilitate the Emergence of an Equal Money System due to seeing How such a system is a Key to changing this world, and changing ourselves, and our living expression as Humanity.

I am in the process of programming myself to understand what an Equal Money System is and how to live in an Equal Money System.

Because the old program as our current money system was/is not working, The old program disregards life. The Old program allows for millions of beings to die daily of starvation, while on the other side of the world we have so much food that we can’t consume it fast enough.

The Old Program allows for a Money System (Capitalism) where “Slavery” is allowed to exist. Where its apparently “Ok” for one with all the money to enslave others to doing slave labour. And that this is apparently “just how the system works” all the while we are missing the point that this is NOT “Just how the system works” but that this is How we have Created the System to work and thus we require to correct it. To Create a New System with Rules that Support and provide for all equally. Thus a World System, an Education System, A Monetary System, a housing system, a transportation system based on The Principle of Equality – and Thus this is what an Equal Money System is.

It is time to Start Educating ourselves how this world really works and on how to function in a New System with new Rules.

Thus I suggest for all to get started on Understanding Exactly How an Equal Money System will Function as it is going to take allot of people and allot of education to Bring this point into Manifestation. Not by force, but by planning, by educating ourselves. By taking the Long Route so to speak.

So in terms of Equal Money – if you don’t “Get-It” Then good – That means you are “getting it” because based on the level of the current brainwashing of this world, it is likely that anyone that claims to know exactly what Equal Money Is, Bull-shitting – Which is how to tell the Deceivers apart from the ones who are actually interested in a Solution for this World – Deceivers will claim Equal Money won’t work as if they “Know” How Equal Money is going to work. Those that are really interested will go do the research within realizing that they are not yet Grasping what this Equal Money System is all about.

It will take a process to really Grasp Equal Money. I find for myself Even after 3 years, I am still in the “learning what it is” stage. This is not a quick fix, thus to not expect to just automatically “get – it” it will take time. So lets get Crack’n

For More information  about  Equal Money System visit – equalmoney.org

For the 2 latest Comprehensive books explaining the ins and outs of an Equal Money System, you can find them at EQAFE.com as well as other self supportive products  – http://eqafe.com/

Equal Money System – The Future of Money – http://eqafe.com/i/agable-equal-money-future-of-money-volume-1

What the “FAQ” is an Equal Money System (your questions answered) – http://eqafe.com/i/agable-what-the-faq-is-equal-money-system-volume-1

Also see the New Destonian Social Network –  http://destonians.com/

And the Main Desteni Site – http://desteni.org/

To Participate in Discussions Visit the ITD Forums – http://forum.desteni.org/

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One Response to Equal Money System – What I Thought When it was First Introduced to Me.

  1. Marlen says:

    Very cool Andrew, I can relate with the experiences within this point wherein It was a process of having to walk through all the thoughts in my mind of ‘this is not going to be possible at all’ and you’ve explained why which is due to the ‘old programming’ wherein Equal Money represents a complete new paradigm which we will initially react to.

    It places into perspective how many times we’ll have to explain it to others now that we’ve seen how many years it’s taking us to grasp the whole point – it is certainly a matter of embracing it as ourselves, as part of this process and within that fine tuning our understanding with all the material that’s now available.

    Thanks for sharing!

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