Economic Slavery – Survival of the Richest.

Economic Slavery.

Economic Slavery is the widely accepted norm within this world. It has become such a part of who we are and how we live that we don’t even notice that such acts are taking place. Economic Slavery exist on so many levels, and is based on the principle of one being having all the resources manipulating and controlling those who have nearly nothing and are scraping, scrounging and constantly on the look-out for how and where they are going to provide for themselves their Basic Survival Needs, such as food, clothing, housing, health care, transportation, education etc. Meanwhile those that have all these requirements met and are in a position to afford luxuries will use what they have, namely MONEY to control and enslave those who have virtually no other choice but to accept any opportunity/offer to acquire money in so that they can in the very least, eat food, and manage to keep their heads above water within the current system.

Economic Slavery is an outflow of our current world/money system (Capitalism) Which create an environment with such economic discrepancies where you have a small percentage of the population with all the resources/money/power, where the majority is fighting and finding a way to just provide themselves with their basic survival requirements.

I have observed this point prevalent throughout the city I live in (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

It is normal that fast food restaurants are filled with ethnic people, or old people, or young people. Basically people who are “desperate” enough to take on such a job. People who are the closest to that “point of survival” that they will take what ever comes their way.

Because this is how Economic Slavery Work. I mean an individual was Guaranteed to have all of their basic survival needs provided for each month then it is very unlikely that they would endure many of the “Jobs” that they are subject to and end up doing because when it comes down to it and one really require food to eat, they will submit and “agree” to do “what ever it takes” literally so that “they do not die”

Economic Slavery does not simply take place when one is on the brink of survival, starving to death. It exist at ANY point when one individual use their “advantages” to control and enslave another.

In this Document more specifically looking at this point of Economic Slavery in the Workplace. Where one make another do something that they would not want to do, simply because they have more money.

An individual fighting for Survival, for their basic survival needs, do not have the choice or option to decide what job they will do. They do not have the time to “consider other options” as bills must be paid. And because of this employers can pay low wages and the worker will “agree”

Obviously “agree” in quotations as what other choice do they have but to accept the wage being offered. They could say

This is Economic Slavery.

When I arrived back in Canada last year, I had no money. Thus I started by going treeplanting, because I had done that before and so could likely find work there. Not because I wanted to do it. God No! I did it for the Money, because I needed the money. So that I could buy food, and get a place to live and have the basics covered. Because in this world, in this system. There is no Guarantee that one even is able to afford the basics.  After that I moved back to Calgary and took on another part-time job working in a furniture shop. I took the job because they offered a “decent wage”. I would NOT have done this if I had money. If had an equal wage as the one providing me with the job.  I did mostly labour stuff at this job, moving and putting together furniture as well as cleaning and mopping the floors. I did what ever the one’s with Money who hired me told me to do.  I mean I’d rather not mop and clean the floors of someone else’s shop, but they had enough money that they could find someone to clean the floors for them. That was me. And that there was enough people in positions where their survival in the system/ this world depended on them getting a certain amount of money, so they could offer the wage they did for that particular job and expect to find someone “Willing”

This is normal, this type of economic slavery where those with money are able to pay money for others to do the jobs that they themselves don’t want to do. Is this fair?

What is interesting is how this is able to be justified. I mean I remember when I was young I used to work for my uncles and friends of the family doing labour stuff where they would basically get the young kids to “do the dirty work” Which is what you see in Fast Food places where there is a lot of young kids working there because they are able to afford working for cheap wages because they likely live at home,  and this is somehow justified within the parameters that one must start out at the bottom and do the dirty work and work their way up. Because this is “how the world works” Where the entire employment structure is based on economic slavery. And no one seems to question it at all, but just assume that it is working or how it is supposed to be.

In my case Could my employer see that what was taking place  was a form of economic slavery – Probably not because they did offer a “decent wage” so would easily be able to justify the point of economic slavery they were participating within. But likely it was a “non-point” meaning they probably did not even notice at all.

“Decent Wages” is Marketing. Meaning a Deceptive Statement used in a System of Economic Slavery (capitalism) to re-package the “Abuse of Life” to appear as a  “Fortunate opportunity” For those who have no other choice/option but to take on the tasks that those with money are unwilling to do themselves, but are happy to pay another a “decent wage” to perform. The Term “Decent Wages” makes the Slavery taking place in our world appear commendable.

I was recently called by an employer  just the other day about returning to a part-time position I held last year for a little while. I have yet to call back. Still deciding on this point. The primary deciding factor being Survival.

“People are much easier to manipulate and control when they are in survival mode” I herd this today in discussion with some destonians and I “get it” I understand this because I have actually lived this point from a certain perspective.  “Survival Mode” is not only when one is on the verge of dying of starvation. But what is quite fascinating is that the majority of the population is actually in Survival Mode, and without even realizing it.

There is like a sliding scale of “survival mode” and  this goes hand in hand with what one is “willing to do for money” based on where they are on the scale. Last year I was closer to the point of survival and thus was more “willing” take jobs that if I had my basic survival requirements in place I would not have done.  I understand why many steal – I mean what would you do if you literally had not food to eat.

I took the job at the furniture shop and I was actually grateful because they paid decent, and treated me nice. I was “in a position” to have the “luxury” of not tolerating being treated disrespectfully – In fact I actually took a job where I was being treated disrespectfully last fall and I remember I actually looked at the point asking myself “what am I willing to endure?” Am I willing to endure this kind/amount of abuse for stable income for the winter? Eventually I just said it was not worth it and after one day in particular where I was verbally abused by the boss, I quite – Because I could “afford” to,  because I did still have places I could go for money. Many do not have this luxury – Like for instance the other Guy that worked there at that job. He was from Mexico and was having problems with this Visa, so he was in a way Stuck at that Job. Fuck he must have had to endure allot of abuse. Simply because he was not in a financial position to do otherwise – That is Economic Slavery.

It would be a fascinating exercise to see what happens if all of the sudden all employees were given equal wages as their bosses. Or given a sum of money that would effectively support them in their basic survival needs, such as food, housing, etc…God, imagine the people standing up and saying till here no further to the current working conditions they are being subjected to – This will be a good indication of the extent of Economic Slavery that is taking place – Likely the majority of fast food workers will leave there post – Probably many physical labours also would just “walk out” finally being “released” from the unequal conditions they are subject to simply because of their economic position in society. In many cases positions that they were born into, that they were destined to from birth, perhaps born into families with already low income, thus no chance at education/higher learning – And what do we do with these individuals – We use them as SLAVES because they are so close to running out of money each month that they are willing to work at shit jobs for shit pay, doing the dirty work of the ones who have money.  I don’t know if I have come across a better definition of PURE EVIL. Human Nature in its disregard towards life as equals has become Pure Evil.

What is also interesting is that Government allows for economic slavery to take place. How is this possible?

Economic Slavery is a condition of capitalism, and so it is not questioned. It is apparently a normal outflow of our current system. As long as it works for those with money who are in control, why really ask the necessary questions and take the necessary procedures to actually create an environment that is DIGNIFIED For ALL.

That should be simply a Common Sensical Direction that we as LIFE as Inhabitants of this planet would be moving towards. Evolution…Doing what is within our power to provide sustenance to all Equally, to provide education and luxuries that we know so many others would also enjoy experiencing.  But this is Not Happening. It is more like – How can we continue to procrastinate and not actually “do what is best for humanity” because “my life is working” I mean it is complete ignorance.

Interesting how it is those with Money, who are comfortable with their lives that are making such decisions and deciding “what is best for all ” I mean, please…It makes sense that Politics has become such a theatrical display – Because to the ones with Money – there really is no urgency at all. They have money. They have access to what ever they want. This is why they do not even bother to ask the right questions or consider policies that would Actually Benefit and Improve Life for ALL. They have all the money and thus all the time in the world to take as long as they want to actually come up with a solution.

Perhaps all politicians should have their comforts removed and given the wages of the ones they are supposed to be making the decisions for – Perhaps this will give them a different perspective on what is necessary.

What is required is a BASIC INCOME GRANT for all those without employment. A Basic Income Grant that would ensure all being within a certain income bracket receives the Grant to ensure a dignified quality of living. This will also stop “Economic Slavery” as now one will not be forced to work a job they don’t want to, simply because they have no money and must take that particular job. With a Basic Income Grant this will immediately stop homelessness. As ALL citizens would be entitled to a Basic Income Grant.

Obviously high income earners would not qualify for the grant. “BIG” would simply be implemented to stabilize the quality of living as an intern solution within our current system until a Final Solution is Established.

It would replace other welfare programs that are at this stage highly ineffective and extensively limited. Thus the “amount” that one receive with “BIG”  should ensure them a high standard of living and stop with the bull-shit of giving just enough money to keep  one afloat and alive but really offering no means to actually empower themselves within the system – Yes we require a massive correction of our current system so that we actually create a System where ALL beings here are fully functional and participating and enjoying life. Our current welfare/social security system is like a Snake that Constrict its inhabitants, Just barely keeping them alive, completely defenceless, no room to expand, where one fear to even breathe the wrong way as with each breath the life is slowly squeezed out. So just remember not to breathe – And you will be Fine

So no more social system that just Trap Beings and Keep them contained with no actual option to expand – Thus with a Basic Income Grant (BIG) the amount must be based on a Dignified life that ensure the being is not subjected to Economic Slavery and have basic survival point taken care of.

For More Information Regarding a Permanent Economic Solution that is Best for ALL

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