“Game-On” : Sports in an Equal Money System



How will sports work in an Equal Money System?

Will they still exist?

What will they look like?

What sports will be no more?

What new sports will emerge?

How will the rules change?


There are many aspects one can look at with regards to how sports will change in an Equal Money System. Specifically in terms of how sports is currently being shaped through/by Money and thus how sports will once the rules and nature of Money changes through the implementation of an Equal Money System.

So lets simply take a look at a few points with regards to how Money Currently function in the sporting industry and how Money extensively influence, shape and ultimately is the guiding hand which produces what is the current accepted and allowed manifestation of Sports in this world.


Big Salaries

One point I see is that there will be no more “Big Salaries” going to the top players of the sport. This will have an impact on what then individuals give their attention to in their life, where there would no more be a “money incentive” to pursue sports as a child, to dedicate oneself to a particular sport in consideration that this particular sport just also happens to come with a big pay cheque. You often here the players talk about their “Love for the Game” I wonder if this statement would hold true if there was no money involved. Also one must look at how These “Big Salaries” influence and shape society/culture from the perspective of how a child’s parents would push and “encourage” their child to become good a sports. Obviously this would not be if there was not the possibility to become really rich. Thus These “Big Salaries” catch and hold the attention of parents and children alike and thus act as an invisible guiding hand within the likes and dislikes of the individual shaping the overall attitude and expression of a particular culture and society.

Scholarships and Education

In the current system one is actually able to earn a college scholarship based on their ability in a particular sport. This obviously is not fair and equal for all and still is a point which cater mostly to the rich as it is mostly the rich who have the money to register their children into sports due to the high costs of this and even more cost to further to develop the Childs skills with special training camps to ensure that they will have the edge over the other kids in the sport and will be more likely “make it” to the big leagues for be selected from School Scholarship. There are the few exceptions to the rule where you have the odd kid who excels at a particular sport coming from a less privileged background and thus for him/her this may be their only access to education which is quite a risky path we have currently carved out in our system for some individuals to actually stand an equal chance in this world, as one slip, one unexpected injury could spell the downfall for that individual and have a massive impact on the rest of their life. In an Equal Money System Education will simply be a birth-right for all and no more just a option for those with Money. No more requiring individuals to walk such a tightrope which at the moment is what it is like to actually have a decent life in this world. What a Circus we have made out of this world.

Sports are for the Rich and Privileged

Also Sports in an Equal Money System will be available to all and no longer be an exclusive privilege to those with money. A mentioned sports in our current system can be quite expensive to get into as a child and as one move along in the ranks it becomes increasingly more and more expensive, which ultimately weed out the poor from having a chance at all to compete against those with money.

And thus within an EMS system you have ALL beings able to participate within Sports and thus the level of quality and skill level within sports will increase.


At this stage it is a fight. An absolute battle and competition against others to “make it” Where one is willing to literally fight with or injure another at the chance to improve their chances for Survival/Money/Glory in the Sport. No doubt seeing how this is many’s only possible chance at making a decent living for themselves in this world. It is literally DO OR DIE. Many that do not make it do not have the proper skills to actually effectively function within the world system after the sport is done and through, since their total dedication/time/attention when into perfecting themselves in the sport.

What about the GLORY

With an Equal Money System will come a Re-Education of ourselves as beings in this world. In this we will learn to no more seek and search for attention and recognition outside of ourselves.

Fame will be a point which from my perspective will be phased out of this existence where there is no more specific points in our reality which get all the glory and fame, while the rest look on in adoration. So what I am looking at here is in an Equal Money System the foundation or starting point of ourselves within playing sports will no longer be to “attain fame” or to “Get the Big Paycheque” and “the life” that comes with this. Essentially in an Equal Money System we will create a system which will provide for all the lifestyle that would have otherwise been only afforded by the “Superstar”, and thus this will alleviate the drive/desire/urgency to pursue such a position.

There will no longer be any reason to become the famous superstar, as that which was initially only accessible to the superstar will now be accessible to all.

At least this will alleviate the “Money Incentive” within pursuing such a point.

There is still the question of EGO

Simply wanting all the attention as a point of “feeling worthy of self” Though this point of “feeling worthy of self” will also be challenged within a world of equality where simply by birthright one has access to all the necessities just like the next person, and no more will one be placed in a system where one develop complexes of unworthiness due to seeing others having so much more, simply a result of if they were born into a fortunate position or not. The point within an Equal Money System is to have every being that is born onto this earth, no matter where they are in the world be in an equal position/starting point as the next.

So if each one of us actually accepted ourselves as who we are as life – Would there be any need to attempt to attain fame or recognition or glory.

This is definitely a vein of questions that will determine how sports will be played/expressed in an a New System of Equality.

So within an Equal Money System we now have the motivation of money removed as why one would push and persist within a particular sport, as well as motivation of fame, recognition removed from the perspective of the process of Education of Ourselves with regards to “who we are” where in Glory and Fame will in a way be no more Valid Points which are not only accepted as normal in our current system but actually pumped up and promoted as something to attain to.

What about Trading Players?

At the moment in sports, players are traded all the time, and it is rare that the actual player has any say what so ever in this transaction. It is prominently based on money, and thus one could be traded at any time where they then are forced to move to which ever city/team they have been traded to, regardless of if it actually supporting the being, and perhaps their family, or children. This will no longer be the case in an Equal Money System as the obvious common sensical point brought to the fore is Support of Ourselves in the best way possible. Which is contradictory to treating individuals like a product to be sold and traded ignorant of if the point actually support the individual or not. It is all about the MONEY, and this has an impact one ones life.

Abusing the Physical Body

I mean is it really necessary to play as many games as are currently being played in sports?

Keep in mind that in many sports a player over the age of 30 is moving into the range of being an old player, simply due to the grueling nature of the sport as how it is currently played at the moment.

I wonder what the average age span will be of athletes in an equal money system, where support of our human physical body is not overlooked and suppressed by the need and desire to make and pursue money.

In ice hockey there is 82 regular season games. There is merchandising, there is seat sales, there is money to be made. In the early years of the NHL (National Hockey League) teams played only around 40 games. More games equals more money. And thus money is driving the amount of games played per season.

More money for the arena

More money for the players

More money for advertisers to advertise their products

In this you have individuals abusing their physical bodies extensively now taking extreme training measures to be able to compete in professional sports so that they can get that big pay cheque, and in this ultimately destroying ones human physical body before one is even half way done ones life.

Sports is absolutely a product of money.

I have just now touched the surface of a few points of how money is infused in the very essence of sports in this world, and thus in an equal money system, money will absolutely be extracted out of sport, and we will simply start again in developing sports as a form of self expression and self support no longer having it taken over by money or the ego.


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