Slow Death by Hourly Wage – Labour System Abuses The Majority

I am going to discuss an interesting aspect of our society, of our world, of that which make up the System at large and is integral to the movement and function of the World System. That is “working by the hour”. Meaning where one get paid an hourly wage to work.

I want to communicate here about this as there is an element of this point that has become more clear to me through the last year. What I have come to see, is that working by the hour is basically working within a form of slavery, where one never gets “ahead” nor in essence really fall behind, but just “stay afloat”

What is also interesting is that “working by the hour” is an accepted method of employment and that there is much delusion around this point of working by the hour, where one actually believe that they are able to “get ahead” or “become successful” within such an agreement.

When I look at this point I see that to strive for good employment where one secure a job to work at an “acceptable” hourly wage is really implying that one is attempting to “lock themselves” into a form of routine within the system where they have essentially accepted the system the way it is, and just better fucking conform fast as to ensure their survival.

I understand why a person would agree to this, and strive for this as nothing is certain within this world and thus any form of security in the shape of stable employment is considered “a good thing”

Though in fact, this is just a method of enslavement to a system of abuse as that which we have currently in place within this world as the capitalistic system. The system which has its tentacles into every corner and crevasse of this world.

I have for the first time in my life walked the point of working a “full-time” job from the perspective of working in relation to a 9 to 5 type model where in I get paid by the hour and live in the system as a functioning member of society. I resisted doing this for my entire life. I have worked numerous jobs in my life but had avoided until now the “working a full-time job” in the system.

So what have I found out?

That this type of job where one work “full-time” in the system within and hourly wage agreement is in fact enslavement where one is not in fact able to get ahead so to speak. That this type of agreement makes if very difficult for an individual to express and expand themselves and of course makes it practically impossible for ALL beings to do this

This is quite fascinating to see this and to actually be walking this point for myself and seeing for myself what this all entails. What options are there for beings walking/living this point. Where will this lead. What this provides in terms of future possibilities. How will this support one when they are 60 years old etc. What kind of life style will this support. So I have been looking at the various aspects of what it means to live in this world and how “working by the hour” affects and influences and supplements ones life in this world who is Here within the system attempting to “create a life for themselves” and enjoy their lives here on this planet.

Though what I see within living this point for myself is that how this does NOT in fact support a being to living a fulfilling dignified enjoyable life at all, but rather place them into a position of enslavement  and struggle with little opportunity to enjoy a life that only some are able to live due to the amount of money that they have.

I mean, for instance if the average hourly wage of the workers in my country was ACTUALLY ENOUGH to provide a dignified life for an individual WHY then do we, here in Canada have one of the highest average household debt levels in the world. Indicating obviously that the PRIMARY way the MAJORITY  of individuals earn a living for themselves here in my Country is NOT providing enough for a being to live a life that is supportive to the individual and allowing them to explore, express and develop themselves to their optimum potential here within their lifespan on Earth. And thus they must take on DEBT to afford for themselves such things as Education, Transportation, Housing etc…Really – Indicating that the current System is NOT effectively providing for those within the system to in fact reach their optimum potential.

I am currently employed at the average hourly wage for my country.

I make just enough money to in essence function within this system. This average hourly wage enables me to live paycheque to paycheque where I never in fact save any money but is just enough to simply exist here and function within this system, eat, have a place to live, a car, internet etc. The basics. And nothing more. ITS PERFECT as working by the hour at the average income level keeps me LOCKED securely into the system just above the level of survival. Any deviation from this routine will place my ability to eat and function highly at risk and thus this way or method of functioning effectively coerce the majority of the population to remain perfect slaves within the system, busy working to keep the system functioning and moving and supporting the lavish lifestyles of the select few who are at the TOP of the system standing on the BACKS of those who are hunched over at their desk working 9 to 5 every day of the way week.

Everybody is Human, Everybody enjoys to do with their time what they want. I would find it hard to believe that anyone would want someone to tell them what to do, or to work at a job that they do not enjoy just so someone else can go on holiday.

Thus I support an Equal Money System as this will put an end to the hourly wage. This will put an end to the majority of the population working their asses off so that a small percentage of the population can benefit and live luxurious lifestyles.

An Equal Money System will put an end to the cycles that trap millions and millions of beings in this world. The Cycle that I have come to find myself in as the worker in the System working the Hourly Wage living paycheque to paycheque being forced to accept that as LIFE. I Realize that I must take Responsibility for myself within this and rather than point the finger and blame someone else, direct myself in such a way that will put an end to this accepted way of life of abuse, and thus I support an Equal Money System

I do not support this system as it is a system of abuse, that repeats itself over and over and over where the majority of the population is forced into a mold and repetitious actions that do NOT at all benefit them as living breathing beings, but only manipulate them into functional robot slaves. With no possibility to actually decide for themselves what they would like to do

I support the Equal Money Solution as a Practical System with which to Re-Establish our Functionality Here on Earth, where the relationships we form with each other and this earth is based on The Principle of Equality and what is best for all So that we can STOP existing in these pointless cycles of misery.

Just image

How many relationships as interactions between beings currently exist at the moment!

Billions, Trillions, uncountable

Now imagine if those relationships are based on a principle of GREED and Self Interest. When all that comes together you end up with…well, what we have here at the moment. War, Poverty, Rich, Poor, in essence, the capitalist society.

Now take all of these already existing relationships and transform them into relationships based on the principle of Equality and What is Best for ALL.

Within this we re-shape, and re-establish our world, how it functions, how it supports each one, what is available to each one. Everything will change.

And thus this is Why I Support an Equal Money System as it Support the transformation of the relationships of this world into that which stand for Equality and what is best for ALL LIFE!

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