The Delusion of Capitalism Where 1+1= as much as I can get!

An Equal Money System is an Alternative to the current capitalist system. It is interesting that even amongst the daily news headlines of Riots and Wars and Economic Recession, drought and starvation etc that what we at Desteni are Proposing as a SOLUTION to this mess, Still seems to fall on deaf ears.

An Equal Money System is an Alternative Solution to the current capitalistic system that is based on equality and providing ALL the necessary living requirements to ALL human beings on this earth. And it does this unconditionally, meaning one does not have to fight and compete against their neighbour for a job and for survival but that within an equal money system the basic necessities of life will be provided for automatically as a birth right, and thus will lay the groundwork so that ones environment actually support the bringing forth the possibility for one to of love thy neighbour.

I have herd many debates on the best way to go about fixing the collapse of our economy or about how our current system is broken and we need a solution.

Yet I have not herd anyone speaking about an actual solution.

Of course except for Desteni, as we ARE presenting a solution.

An Equal Money System is the Only Alternative to capitalism that I have herd, as the few other “solutions” that I have herd are only different spins on capitalism but still operating on the same principle of capitalism, or rather I should say the same delusion of capitalism. That being capital. Or profit. The idea that one is able to get back more than they put in. The point of wanting more than another so that you can secure your survival at the expense of another. Lets explore this point further. This point of capitalism and the delusional principle that it is based on the idea that one is able to get back more than you put in.

The point that comes up for me when I look at this, is what does believing/operating on such a principle actually imply about a being. What is it showing about you, that one believe they are able to “get back more than they put in” Or  Get Something For Nothing, Or that they would even want this to be so. I mean it is indicating that a being does not want to express themselves, and actually LIVE, but would rather sit docile and dormant and just have things given to them – I simply do not see that as an actual supportive expression of life, and really imply that one has in a way given up on life, on self and self expression and would rather sit there doing nothing while things are just delivered to them – Though from my perspective things do not actually work this way in fact, and so it is not possible to in fact get what you are not willing to give. Unless of course you exist in delusion…Oh wait, WE DO, Its called capitalism!

The System  prolific around the Globe is Capitalism, operating on the delusion that 1+1=3 or 7 or 1000. The Sky is the limit really, in capitalism. It is not grounded in ACTUAL REALITY.

So perhaps the reason why no one Hears or Sees the Solution of Equality As what we are putting forth Here at Desteni is because the entire populous is Delusional! Obviously exemplified within the fact that we have accepted the delusional principles of capitalism WORLDWIDE as a valid system of operation.

if you are interested in an Actual  SOLUTION that is NOT just another angle of Capitalism, Research the Equal Money System A system that is grounded in reality and 1+1=2.

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