Little Boxes on the Hillside Little Boxes all the Same

I have been working quite a bit the last month. I am at the moment working in a landscaping job where I work with a crew of about 4 or 5 and we make the yards for mostly new homes that are just being built. This year we have worked primarily in one area which is a new neighbourhood which is just being developed where we come in and then build up the yard and do the landscaping for the individuals who “own” (make payments on) the house. Mostly the houses are quite close together and the yards are pretty small. But this is “normal” and people then just accept and make the best of their “little slice of heaven” and in this make a life for themselves with job, marriage, kids, entertainment. And that’s life.
I have wondered how houses will look like in an equal money system, and how we would develop the entire point, like for instance looking at how houses and areas within a city are currently developed in relation to the point of money and our capitalistic system; Basically where the development and placement of houses is in direct relationship to money and how to optimize on making profit. Would we really build houses this close together with tiny little yards if there was an equal money system. It seems that neighbourhoods are created to support the point of money and generating money. So that one can move efficiently to and from their job and basically keep the system pumping and moving to generate and extract and optimize capital and money movement.
People spend so much time, so much of their life working. Not for themselves even, but for other people. The problem with this is that people are only considering themselves and building and creating their own lives in competition and at the expense of others.

This is where the fuck up is.
I remember when I was working on the desteni farm I was always pushing myself to become more specific and effective in any job I was doing. Because I had the sense that anything I created and applied myself within on the desteni farm was actually going towards and supporting LIFE, and was being done within the consideration of the principle of “what is best for all” Not just supporting the decoration, presentation, and strengthening of someone’s personal empire who really is only concerned with their own ego and self interest and have simply accepted this world the way it is and now is ready to live out their life and have essentially accepted this world as it is and see “nothing wrong with it”

I suggest putting ones actions towards and living and expressing for “what is best for all” and put an end to the expression within and towards the expanding of our egos, and competition and self interest. At Desteni we express ourselves within the principle of “what is best for all” and are willing to give up a system as our current system that is abusing life for a new system as an equality based (money) system where human beings actually honour each other and life.

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