SECURE the FUTURE of your CHILD With Equal Money System

Why do parents fear the future of their children and what can be done to make the parents the foundation of a world that is best for all?
Parents fear the future of their children because of the world we live in. It is Brutal, and it is Unforgivable, and there are no Guarantees. When a child leave home for the first time, they are likely completely unaware of how the system works, and unaware of what one will eventually be coerced into doing to make a suitable living. The system effectively take a child, innocent in its expression and twist and mold it into a functional cog in the wheel of the system, to serve the system with absolutely no regard for the being at all. When entering the system your life as a human being is essentially over, and now for the rest of your life you will be a system being.
Parents fear for their children because they know just how difficult it is to “make it” in this world, and how this world is in fact “so dangerous” in soooooo many ways. That is what is fascinating about the current system we live in. It is like walking through a mine field where there are so many scenarios where your well-being could unexpectedly be threatened. The majority, if not ALL of these scenarios created through and because of one singular point. MONEY.
Money is the reason why Parents Fear for the future of their children, because there is no Guarantee that they will have money. Imagine how much of the fear of a parent for its child would be alleviated if they were “well-off” and had allot of money and used this money to not only prepare the child with the Best Education money could buy, but also, making sure the child has the necessary support structure such as, stable home and transportation, and all the basic needs well in hand, such as food etc. I mean Money buys security and gives all the necessary tools that an individual requires to become a fully functional member of society. And if your family had for instance enough money to provide any and all of these necessary tools and support structure for their children and to support them through easily until they were able to support themselves for how ever long this took, then there would be much much much less reason for worry or fear of the future, because you then just essentially use money to ENSURE the future of your child, and do not leave this up to fate so to speak. Quite fascinating this point actually. Fate only exist where there is no Money. Then you must “leave it to fate” Though fate can be controlled, directed and overcome with Money. Thus another indication that MONEY IS GOD. But getting back on topic. The crucial point here is that you do not have to fear for your childs future if you have an abundance of money, because you can use that money to develop, protect and support your child throughout its life.

The problem though is that this is only possible for a tiny fraction of the population. The rest of the bulk majority must FEAR for the Future of their children because they are still in fear essentially of their own survival which is essentially just not have a stable effective Guaranteed cash flow.
So what can Parents do so that they never have to Fear for the future of their children again, and place themselves and their children in a position where every basic need and requirement for their childs effective development is Guaranteed. It is simple. Support an Equal Money System. Within an Equal Money System fear for the future of your child will be eliminated as within an Equal Money System, the future of your child is Guaranteed starting on the very moment they enter this earth to the very moment they leave. The Entire LifeSpan of an individual will be covered through within an EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM, as all the basic tools and requirements for an individuals development within this world will be provided within an equal money system. It will not longer be a question of “what if”. It is Guaranteed as a Birth Right within an Equal Money System that ALL Beings have Equal Access to the necessary points that are required for the full and enriched development of the being.
So parents out there, if you are truly interested in the security of your Childs future, There is only one Solution that can Guarantee This, And that is an Equal Money System as within an Equal Money System there is nothing left up to chance but is actually a System where we decide to take fate into our own hands and Give Every being on Earth the Gift of Life where the Futures of ALL are Guaranteed through/by an Equal Money System providing All, with the necessities of life and a effective life income from birth till death to provide for all a Dignified, abundant, and expressive life.
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