Greece Bail-Out Situation – Revealing Inherently Flawed Money System

I have done some research into the Greece Bailout so reporting here on what I have found.

What I have found out is that the reason Greece was “bailed-out” in the first place around a year ago, and why they are on the cusp of another economic bail-out now is exactly the same. It is because they are at risk of defaulting on their loan payment, which means that they simply do not have enough money to make the next payment owing. And that if they default on the Loan, than those that made the loans will never get paid back what they lent out and effectively lose money. So, rather than let this happen, they instead lend Greece more money or re-structure the loans so that Greece can make the payments and basically continue to be in debt to the creditors and thus continue to pay them what they are owed.

Our current money system is so far out of control, that there are multiple, multiple scenarios existing like this “Greece bail-out” situation going on all over the world, not only with countries but also individuals.  The majority of working class individuals exist in debt and make debt payment each money, and many many, simply are not able to pay the required amount as the system they live/exist within does not provide for them the necessary outlet via jobs to ensure they can make the payments. The entire system is busy collapsing in on itself.  We have trapped ourselves in this mess.

It is the system that is collapsing. Not the people.

So if the system collapse, the people will still be standing. Though this will not be all that cool to have the system collapse yet at the same time, the system is dying and there is no point attempting to save it. Particularly given that it is a system that as We are ALL experiencing at the moment, is just creating allot of stress, tension, anger, frustration, depression, poverty, suffering and other things of this nature to life, so BEST TO LET IT DIE.

Lets look at this as an opportunity to turn our attention to a NEW system. A new system that will take the place of the Old system which is at the moment collapsing and taking many people down with it.

The New System is an EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM. A System based on Equality and What is Best for ALL. There will be no such thing as Rich and Poor in the New System but rather ALL will be provided for Equally  to be able to live a Dignified life with no exception. There will be no Banks that Lend out money and must be paid back, meaning there No one will owe any debt, as everything will be wiped clean. ALL money will be given as an unconditional birth right with no one person or group who is entitled to more or less than other being. ALL LIFE IS EQUAL and thus we require a money system to match this and show our awareness of who we are as life as Equals. A money system that reflect an actual caring and respect to ALL Life. And this is an Equal Money System.

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