2012: Living Beyond Our Means – A System of Debt.

Ok so I have just finished watching a Documentary called “How the West Went Bust” I enjoyed the documentary as it opened up allot of points about our current economy so I am going to have a look here at and investigate for myself in writing some of these aspects.

The First point the documentary brought up is the point of “living beyond our means” This in essence being a attribute of a debt based society where one is able to support ones life style through debt and borrowing money so that they can continue to live in a way that they cannot actually afford.

This makes me think of a garden and how it takes a set amount of time for instance to grow a batch of carrots to feed yourself.

So what we have occurring is basically a world or society that believes that as long as we have money, that everything will be ok. That Money is the source of life and not taking into consideration at all the actual practical necessities and process which determine our survival here on the planet like for example we we require as a basic requirement to support our physical body to stay alive and be functional.

So this point of “living beyond our means” is actually indicating a flaw in our current money system and revealing it to be delusional, and not aligned with what is actually in fact REAL in terms of how the world actually works.

We are in essence using money to buy our veggies from the garden, and separating ourselves from the actual process of how those veggies, those products came to be. We have participated now so extensively in the current money system that we keep going on living like Money is the solution to our problems. How can I get more money, what is going to earn me more money, if I have money everything will be ok.

The problem is we are destroying the planet. It does not matter how fucking rich we are. If there is no food left to buy we will DIE!

How does one live beyond their means if money was taken out of the equation.

Say for instance you are in a position where you must grow your own food. Here you must be realistic. You must work with the cycles of the planet and the laws of time and space and the grow cycles of the food.

You cannot “live beyond your means” it is simply not physically possible. You cannot just Demand that there be food. You cannot accumulate money and then magically you can have food. Nope. You actually must wait for the food to  grow.

So the entire idea of “living beyond your means” by getting debt out of the bank to support your lifestyle, is quite delusional. It is like going into debt to buy food that is not there. Or to look at it this way – Going into debt to support many of the current lifestyles in this world is delusional because those lifestyles are not based on Equality. And are thus not sustainable. They are delusional lifestyles being supported by debt, by money that one doesn’t even have.

Doesn’t  getting “debt” (a loan) and using this to afford a lifestyle not possible without it, or put another way,  “living beyond your means”, imply that someone else,  somewhere in the world is living beneath their means?

This would actually make sense in considering the workers in China who are working for a fraction of nothing to actually produce the products, for those of us “living beyond our means” in a system of debt, and borrowed money.

We have no idea where things come from, we just think and believe that things come from the store, that we can get away with “living beyond our means” through/within a system of debt. A Garden only produce so much food each harvest, it does not matter how much money you have in your pocket if there is no food to buy you cannot simply demand it magically be there. Money and our current Debt Based Money System has Truly Fucked with our perception of how reality works.

The Money System creates an illusion that everything is ok. I see this in the city I live in. As long as money keeps turning around then we can go on living, believing that the life style that we live and have come to accept, is normal and working just fine. We just  go on thinking about the same things, “when is the next big game” “what new movies are coming out” and pursuing the same “American Dream” goals and aspirations, vying for that next big promotion.   We are living in a bubble created by the current money system and are not able to see anything outside this bubble of pretty pictures and smiling faces. The world is already fucked, Soon our bubble will burst and we will be faced with this harsh reality.

We are Not considering that we are in fact living a delusion and “Living Beyond Our Means” this indicating that we are taking from somewhere else, and someONE else. So -when we see children starving in Somalia or People suffering in Poor Working Conditions in factories in Asia or somewhere else, we can simply look to  our own life style, where we can get “instant everything” from fastfood to coffee to clothes in the shop, AS THE REASON for such “misfortunes” of others taking place in other various parts of the world that we seemingly have no idea how such things could happen to someone so “unlucky”

So the point I am simply looking at here is what is DEBT in fact? What does the entire essence of DEBT (Living Beyond Our Means)  imply and further, what does this mean that our entire economy, our Entire World System that is a system of capitalism based on debt  living beyond our means suggest and hold in store for the future of such a system and the Future of the World. What is going to happen when Our Debt bubble burst!

Investigate Desteni and  Equal Money System 


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Life in an Equal Money System – No More Economics that Nobody Understand – Clear Money Talk For All

Life in EMS – No more economics that no body understand – clear money talk for all

Well this point is quite common sensical actually. Though to establish this in our current reality will take some doing.

It should be common sense that all beings on earth are provided with the necessary vocabulary and language skills or education so that their ability to function and interact within this world/system is not hampered in any way through by not being able to understand something or communicate effectively due to lack of education that was either ineptly provided through the current education system or not available at all from the perspective of one not having the necessary economic sustenance in their life to open their access to education.

So Currently for the majority of the population you have either no education or poor education – neither side providing the necessary tools and skill sets within ones foundational learning years to be able to prepare them to eventually walk into the system/world fully prepared to meet any task / challenged they are faced with.

Thus in an Equal Money System, the Educations System will actually Educate!  Instead of doing what it is actually doing at the moment which is programming beings to compete against each other and fight for their survival injecting them with useless knowledge and information that has no actual practical substance to develop an individual to be a fully functional contributing member of society.

At this stage school and education seems like an afterthought in this world in terms of how it is actually preparing beings for the “real world” where one is literally left standing out in the cold with no actual understanding or practical knowhow to provide for themselves in going out into the system and getting a job, or buying a home or vehicle, or doing your taxes, basically the necessary practical points which ALL beings should have a firm grasp on by the time they leave school.

Obviously the fact that MONEY, the very point which literally determine if one live or die,  Isn’t being taught in school shows an Clearly an error in the structure of our education system and the lack of common sense of humanity at the moment.

I remember when I graduated from high school and was preparing to go to University. I started getting these letters in the mail from these people called the “IRS” saying I owed them money. Lolol, how silly this was, I thought to myself – How could I possibly owe these IRS people money, and so much of it? It doesn’t make sense.  I just graduated? I never signed up for anything?…I concluded that it must be junk mail or some kind of scam, and just tossed the letters in the trash.  Eventually I found it was actually real.

I was not at all prepared for how the world was actually functioning. I had no idea how to start practically managing my own affairs in the system. My basic education/training did not effectively train me to understand what I was dealing with…Or maybe one could say this is the parents responsibility? Yes of course,  they can do that in all their Free-Time that our current world system so lovingly provides? Ok I am being sarcastic. I am basically just looking at how there are so many layers within how we have set-up our world system that is just literally fucking ourselves on multiple levels and not actually supporting ourselves as humanity to evolve or create the effective conditions that one could identify as LIFE really. We have created our own living Hell of competition and fighting to survive which is Not at all living.


Our politicians talk funny.

They speak using big complicated words about our economy and then show charts and graphs and basically no one knows what they fuck they are going on about anyways unless you have actually studied economics.

Its like having a million different words for the word orange which only make matters unnecessarily complicated. I mean I just want to eat the orange can you just pass it to me already!

Thus more effective, practical and common sensical education for ALL beings on earth, particularly on those points which is essential for each one to have a firm grasp on like for instance in our current system “money” would be one of these essentials.

And also push for simplicity and common understanding within communication.


Deliberate Manipulation

Then there is the point of deliberate manipulation that is taking place in government and politics, basically by those in control of the Money and who have power in this world. Obviously from their perspective its better if people don’t actually “get it” because then they would see that they are in essence being ripped off or lied to or taken advantage of. So yes it is easier then from this perspective (having complicated language no one understands) to hide that which you do not want to be seen.

In EMS there will be NO reason to hide anything at all as all will be functioning within a principle of what is best for all. If you are truly interested in supporting humanity and what is best for all then you would actually have no reason to filter or hide anything – Thus what does this then imply about our current governments of this world that everything seems to be done behind closed doors, or if not, communicated in a language that you need a god dam dictionary to comprehend. It implies that they are not acting in the best interest of the people – otherwise they would just clearly show openly what they are doing.


So in EMS vocabulary and understanding around money and how the system actually function will be pushed to be common knowledge for all, so that all are informed. Creating a more common sense language of understanding does not mean there will not be room for different dialects or specificity of vocabulary. It means that first and foremost we develop our Language Systems so that it actually SUPPORTS our evolution instead of hampering it! Thus to push for common understanding so that all beings are well informed about how the world system is functioning. How this reality functions. Who we are as living life forms and how we create our reality. Thus initially this may require a more simplistic language structure while we get everyone on the same page and equalized with the point of education.

The point here is to bring forth actual Self Awareness of who we are as life. And to Empower All of us as a group, as a humanity, so that our decisions and direction within our lives are clearly and substantially informed and also aligned with how things are actually working in this world.

Thus- no more complicated money talk that no one can understand. It is counter productive to evolution.

It is not practical

It does not support what is best for all.

It supports separation and isolates ourselves from ourselves.

I mean at the rate we are going in this world soon every being here will have their own little language that only they understand and no one will be able to communicate with each other at all, We will be Completely dislocated and cut off from one another – From a certain perspective we have actually already done this extensively it’s just we haven’t noticed.

How the $#&! Are we supposed to “work together” as a group if we do not understand each other or speak the same language?

Thus we require language to unite ourselves as a group so we can walk as a group, as earthlings living on planet earth all together as one, working effectively together to make sure our world is smooth flowing operation functioning within the principle of what is best for ALL and providing a dignified enjoyable life for each one that is here.


The Equal Money System BOOK is a comprehensive guide explaining the intricacies of how the equal money system will function is now available at the Eqafe Store along with other self support merchandise.

Equal Money Book


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Who will decide the prices of products and services in an Equal Money System?

Who will decide the prices of products and services in an Equal Money System?

There will be no prices in an Equal Money System. As there will be no reason to “generate” money.

Thus no reason to receive money for a product. Shops will not function in EMS the same way they do today. Today there is a price for everything because of the necessity to generate money to survive.

This necessity will not exist in EMS as the Function of an Equal Money System will be to Provide ALL with a dignified life unconditionally meaning,  Not something that one only has access to if they have money. Thus in EMS ALL will be given / have access to the products and services one requires to meet their basic survival needs. Sufficient food and water, shelter, clothing, education, transportation, etc will be provided to all equally within EMS

Another interesting point to look at here is the products and services that are currently available in this world and the prices put on these products and services.  With the necessity to generate profit within a capitalistic system,  it no longer becomes about the product or service being offered  but about the Price one can get for something.

Thus products are created solely for the purpose of making money – That is why you have  10 of exactly the same thing in different packaging  So much of what is produced today will cease to exist in EMS simply because of it being based purely on generating profit.

The elimination of such pointless Derivative products will make it much easier to provide for all. For instance instead of having 10 factories all making the more or less the same product. You have 1 factory do this = Common Sense.

There is no point in providing 40 different brands of exactly the same thing. This is only done to attempt to acquire the share of the profit – that is only reason for such cloned and copied products. Rather if those companies/individuals are truly interested in creating a superior product, then they can all share their secrets openly and work together to create a truly superior product that will benefit ALL. Because they will no longer have to worry about where they are going to get the money to provide themselves with a good life, because in EMS this is “automatically” provided for each one.

So in essence in an equal money system there will not be an unnecessary excess of products which are either knock-offs of other products or completely useless and serving no other purpose but to get money out of your wallet.

So products and services will not have a price in EMS. They will simply be made available to all as a foundation of Support to provide all beings on earth with their basic survival needs and requirements from birth to death.

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Equal Money System – What I Thought When it was First Introduced to Me.

I remember the first time I herd of Equal Money.  I was in the Kitchen on the Desteni Farm and it was Bernard who mentioned the point to me. I had initially gone for a visit to the Desteni Farm based on the Material I had researched and the interactions I had with those involved with Desteni at the time. I understood that I was getting acquainted with a “life changing” process, though this process of change was not yet mentioned at all within the context of an Equal Money System. I was there on the farm interested in learning more about myself and how to “change” and to learn more about this process of equality and realizing ourselves as life.

My First reaction to hearing about this “Equal Money System” was in a way a “Non-Reaction” It was so insignificant to me in that moment,  that it was like a wisp of smoke that quickly disappeared into nothingness .

I look back on this first initial reaction I had when hearing about an Equal Money System for the first time and find it quite fascinating at how I was able to completely, disregard/dismiss this point of having any value what so ever.

It took around 4 to 6 months of Bernard bringing the point of an equal money system into the daily conversations around the farm until I started to see that “Ok this might actually be something real”

Even still, It was still very “distant” to me. I would not have anticipated being even where we are now with the Equal Money System where in now I am getting a sense of how one actually take a point that is not yet here and bring it here. Create it, Manifest it. Which is what is happening/what we involved with  Desteni are doing with an Equal Money System.

I initially had no idea what an equal money system was, and even more – I was NOT interested in knowing about it at all. It was like I rejected it as having any value whatsoever.

I see that the reason I reacted the way I did to hearing about Equal Money Initially was because I had only the context/ background of what I was taught during my life-time to assess/comprehend  the “validity”  of something within the context of “what I understood this  (being valid) to be”.

In terms of my accepted and allowed belief systems, “Money” was not something that I ever considered /saw/recognized as being a Solution For this world. In fact I was not even at a stage where I had really considered actually taking on/ participating in a World Solution For ALL.  This kind of “thinking” was still “foreign” to me so to speak. I was still existing how I was trained to exist. For myself. Considering Me First, and not worrying about the rest of humanity because this world is just to big anyways. Yes I was existing within the programming/ beliefs that I was given.

So In terms of self realization, self change and transcending the mind and consciousness and all that – I believed this to be a strictly spiritual journey so to speak. One that was more of an internal process and had not yet started to see the practical physical reality that I lived in and how the World in all its systems, including the Money System worked together as “The System that determined the experience of ourselves here on earth”

whenever an Equal Money System was Mentioned   – My programming “did not compute”.

This reveals an aspect of how I actually function as an human being.

It revealed that given the current context of myself in that moment, the only reference points I had to process “Equal Money” were based on my already accepted beliefs, ideas, perceptions and thus, I rejected it. I classified it in the “Money Category” which in itself  in the context of how I had/have constructed/designed my belief system  was classified  under “Not-Relevant”. Thus anything to do with Money was “Not Relevant”

I realize now that Equal Money is not operating under the same rules that we are currently accepting and allowing ourselves as humanity to operate under. Thus “Money” within the Context of “Equality”  or “Equal Money” Is not at all comparable to “Money” within the context of our current world which is based in on a whole entire different set of rules – Namely “Self Interest” and putting yourself before the group as one of the primary principles our our current system/world


I realize now, that I “made up my mind” about Equal Money. Based on the Set of Rules that I was used to. And that were not applicable to Equal Money. I also responded to Equal Money from the perspective of an extensively limited understanding of reality. I had not even at that stage realized/ was able to see the power and control money has in this world and the atrocities that are being committed in the name of money. I believed to a certain degree that I was Free. I was Brainwashed, as this is the only way I could have truly, authentically  believed myself to be free in this world. I was in a way just Living out my life until I die.  Apparently Free in terms of what I was “seeing”.

I had separated myself from this reality to such an extent that I was not even beginning to see the mess that we have created, let alone to be able to see an actual solution to fix it. Thus I ultimately made a Decision about equal money based on a Delusion. Based on a Program that was not capable of seeing what is really Here and Happening in this world.   I responded like a perfect Robot! Exactly how I am programmed to Respond and See. Equal Money was in essence a New Program, and I simply could not compute and was using the only program I had at the time to classify, categorise and attempt to make sense of Equal Money. And I so thoroughly without a doubt believed that my “take” on Equal Money was Correct…That it’s  just some “Nice Idea” that has no actual Validity in this World.

For the first while I would listen about what Equal Money was but it all just seemed so insignificant. After about an Entire Year of being exposed to Discussions about an Equal Money System did I see, “Ok this is not going away” this is real shit” Ok time to “get this point” So it took some time of Equal Money being explained to me over and over again from multiple different perspectives and contexts before I realized that this is something that “I want to understand” and that I must become my own directive principle on this in terms of doing my own research and making sure I understand all the points etc.

It has been around 3 years ago now when Equal Money Was First Mentioned to me. There is now Hundreds, if not thousands of videos and documents available for research as well as a website, and The First Two Volumes of The Equal Money Book has recently been completed and made available at EQAFE.com

Equal Money System has moved up my “priority list” from the perspective of “what I give value to” of “How I organize and prioritize myself” with regards to “what I give attention to”.  In the beginning it wasn’t even on the list! Now it is The main point of focus in my life, along with other Desteni Process related things, which at this stage is focused on the Point of Brining Forth an Equal Money System.

So it is from the  perspective of my experiences that I understand why so many people are able to disregard Equal Money so instantly and pass it off so easily as a silly Idea.

Because that is exactly what I did. Where now I find myself Writing this document about My Experience with this point to assist and support others to get to know a little more what an Equal Money System is, as to direct myself to Facilitate the Emergence of an Equal Money System due to seeing How such a system is a Key to changing this world, and changing ourselves, and our living expression as Humanity.

I am in the process of programming myself to understand what an Equal Money System is and how to live in an Equal Money System.

Because the old program as our current money system was/is not working, The old program disregards life. The Old program allows for millions of beings to die daily of starvation, while on the other side of the world we have so much food that we can’t consume it fast enough.

The Old Program allows for a Money System (Capitalism) where “Slavery” is allowed to exist. Where its apparently “Ok” for one with all the money to enslave others to doing slave labour. And that this is apparently “just how the system works” all the while we are missing the point that this is NOT “Just how the system works” but that this is How we have Created the System to work and thus we require to correct it. To Create a New System with Rules that Support and provide for all equally. Thus a World System, an Education System, A Monetary System, a housing system, a transportation system based on The Principle of Equality – and Thus this is what an Equal Money System is.

It is time to Start Educating ourselves how this world really works and on how to function in a New System with new Rules.

Thus I suggest for all to get started on Understanding Exactly How an Equal Money System will Function as it is going to take allot of people and allot of education to Bring this point into Manifestation. Not by force, but by planning, by educating ourselves. By taking the Long Route so to speak.

So in terms of Equal Money – if you don’t “Get-It” Then good – That means you are “getting it” because based on the level of the current brainwashing of this world, it is likely that anyone that claims to know exactly what Equal Money Is, Bull-shitting – Which is how to tell the Deceivers apart from the ones who are actually interested in a Solution for this World – Deceivers will claim Equal Money won’t work as if they “Know” How Equal Money is going to work. Those that are really interested will go do the research within realizing that they are not yet Grasping what this Equal Money System is all about.

It will take a process to really Grasp Equal Money. I find for myself Even after 3 years, I am still in the “learning what it is” stage. This is not a quick fix, thus to not expect to just automatically “get – it” it will take time. So lets get Crack’n

For More information  about  Equal Money System visit – equalmoney.org

For the 2 latest Comprehensive books explaining the ins and outs of an Equal Money System, you can find them at EQAFE.com as well as other self supportive products  – http://eqafe.com/

Equal Money System – The Future of Money – http://eqafe.com/i/agable-equal-money-future-of-money-volume-1

What the “FAQ” is an Equal Money System (your questions answered) – http://eqafe.com/i/agable-what-the-faq-is-equal-money-system-volume-1

Also see the New Destonian Social Network –  http://destonians.com/

And the Main Desteni Site – http://desteni.org/

To Participate in Discussions Visit the ITD Forums – http://forum.desteni.org/

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Economic Slavery – Survival of the Richest.

Economic Slavery.

Economic Slavery is the widely accepted norm within this world. It has become such a part of who we are and how we live that we don’t even notice that such acts are taking place. Economic Slavery exist on so many levels, and is based on the principle of one being having all the resources manipulating and controlling those who have nearly nothing and are scraping, scrounging and constantly on the look-out for how and where they are going to provide for themselves their Basic Survival Needs, such as food, clothing, housing, health care, transportation, education etc. Meanwhile those that have all these requirements met and are in a position to afford luxuries will use what they have, namely MONEY to control and enslave those who have virtually no other choice but to accept any opportunity/offer to acquire money in so that they can in the very least, eat food, and manage to keep their heads above water within the current system.

Economic Slavery is an outflow of our current world/money system (Capitalism) Which create an environment with such economic discrepancies where you have a small percentage of the population with all the resources/money/power, where the majority is fighting and finding a way to just provide themselves with their basic survival requirements.

I have observed this point prevalent throughout the city I live in (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

It is normal that fast food restaurants are filled with ethnic people, or old people, or young people. Basically people who are “desperate” enough to take on such a job. People who are the closest to that “point of survival” that they will take what ever comes their way.

Because this is how Economic Slavery Work. I mean an individual was Guaranteed to have all of their basic survival needs provided for each month then it is very unlikely that they would endure many of the “Jobs” that they are subject to and end up doing because when it comes down to it and one really require food to eat, they will submit and “agree” to do “what ever it takes” literally so that “they do not die”

Economic Slavery does not simply take place when one is on the brink of survival, starving to death. It exist at ANY point when one individual use their “advantages” to control and enslave another.

In this Document more specifically looking at this point of Economic Slavery in the Workplace. Where one make another do something that they would not want to do, simply because they have more money.

An individual fighting for Survival, for their basic survival needs, do not have the choice or option to decide what job they will do. They do not have the time to “consider other options” as bills must be paid. And because of this employers can pay low wages and the worker will “agree”

Obviously “agree” in quotations as what other choice do they have but to accept the wage being offered. They could say

This is Economic Slavery.

When I arrived back in Canada last year, I had no money. Thus I started by going treeplanting, because I had done that before and so could likely find work there. Not because I wanted to do it. God No! I did it for the Money, because I needed the money. So that I could buy food, and get a place to live and have the basics covered. Because in this world, in this system. There is no Guarantee that one even is able to afford the basics.  After that I moved back to Calgary and took on another part-time job working in a furniture shop. I took the job because they offered a “decent wage”. I would NOT have done this if I had money. If had an equal wage as the one providing me with the job.  I did mostly labour stuff at this job, moving and putting together furniture as well as cleaning and mopping the floors. I did what ever the one’s with Money who hired me told me to do.  I mean I’d rather not mop and clean the floors of someone else’s shop, but they had enough money that they could find someone to clean the floors for them. That was me. And that there was enough people in positions where their survival in the system/ this world depended on them getting a certain amount of money, so they could offer the wage they did for that particular job and expect to find someone “Willing”

This is normal, this type of economic slavery where those with money are able to pay money for others to do the jobs that they themselves don’t want to do. Is this fair?

What is interesting is how this is able to be justified. I mean I remember when I was young I used to work for my uncles and friends of the family doing labour stuff where they would basically get the young kids to “do the dirty work” Which is what you see in Fast Food places where there is a lot of young kids working there because they are able to afford working for cheap wages because they likely live at home,  and this is somehow justified within the parameters that one must start out at the bottom and do the dirty work and work their way up. Because this is “how the world works” Where the entire employment structure is based on economic slavery. And no one seems to question it at all, but just assume that it is working or how it is supposed to be.

In my case Could my employer see that what was taking place  was a form of economic slavery – Probably not because they did offer a “decent wage” so would easily be able to justify the point of economic slavery they were participating within. But likely it was a “non-point” meaning they probably did not even notice at all.

“Decent Wages” is Marketing. Meaning a Deceptive Statement used in a System of Economic Slavery (capitalism) to re-package the “Abuse of Life” to appear as a  “Fortunate opportunity” For those who have no other choice/option but to take on the tasks that those with money are unwilling to do themselves, but are happy to pay another a “decent wage” to perform. The Term “Decent Wages” makes the Slavery taking place in our world appear commendable.

I was recently called by an employer  just the other day about returning to a part-time position I held last year for a little while. I have yet to call back. Still deciding on this point. The primary deciding factor being Survival.

“People are much easier to manipulate and control when they are in survival mode” I herd this today in discussion with some destonians and I “get it” I understand this because I have actually lived this point from a certain perspective.  “Survival Mode” is not only when one is on the verge of dying of starvation. But what is quite fascinating is that the majority of the population is actually in Survival Mode, and without even realizing it.

There is like a sliding scale of “survival mode” and  this goes hand in hand with what one is “willing to do for money” based on where they are on the scale. Last year I was closer to the point of survival and thus was more “willing” take jobs that if I had my basic survival requirements in place I would not have done.  I understand why many steal – I mean what would you do if you literally had not food to eat.

I took the job at the furniture shop and I was actually grateful because they paid decent, and treated me nice. I was “in a position” to have the “luxury” of not tolerating being treated disrespectfully – In fact I actually took a job where I was being treated disrespectfully last fall and I remember I actually looked at the point asking myself “what am I willing to endure?” Am I willing to endure this kind/amount of abuse for stable income for the winter? Eventually I just said it was not worth it and after one day in particular where I was verbally abused by the boss, I quite – Because I could “afford” to,  because I did still have places I could go for money. Many do not have this luxury – Like for instance the other Guy that worked there at that job. He was from Mexico and was having problems with this Visa, so he was in a way Stuck at that Job. Fuck he must have had to endure allot of abuse. Simply because he was not in a financial position to do otherwise – That is Economic Slavery.

It would be a fascinating exercise to see what happens if all of the sudden all employees were given equal wages as their bosses. Or given a sum of money that would effectively support them in their basic survival needs, such as food, housing, etc…God, imagine the people standing up and saying till here no further to the current working conditions they are being subjected to – This will be a good indication of the extent of Economic Slavery that is taking place – Likely the majority of fast food workers will leave there post – Probably many physical labours also would just “walk out” finally being “released” from the unequal conditions they are subject to simply because of their economic position in society. In many cases positions that they were born into, that they were destined to from birth, perhaps born into families with already low income, thus no chance at education/higher learning – And what do we do with these individuals – We use them as SLAVES because they are so close to running out of money each month that they are willing to work at shit jobs for shit pay, doing the dirty work of the ones who have money.  I don’t know if I have come across a better definition of PURE EVIL. Human Nature in its disregard towards life as equals has become Pure Evil.

What is also interesting is that Government allows for economic slavery to take place. How is this possible?

Economic Slavery is a condition of capitalism, and so it is not questioned. It is apparently a normal outflow of our current system. As long as it works for those with money who are in control, why really ask the necessary questions and take the necessary procedures to actually create an environment that is DIGNIFIED For ALL.

That should be simply a Common Sensical Direction that we as LIFE as Inhabitants of this planet would be moving towards. Evolution…Doing what is within our power to provide sustenance to all Equally, to provide education and luxuries that we know so many others would also enjoy experiencing.  But this is Not Happening. It is more like – How can we continue to procrastinate and not actually “do what is best for humanity” because “my life is working” I mean it is complete ignorance.

Interesting how it is those with Money, who are comfortable with their lives that are making such decisions and deciding “what is best for all ” I mean, please…It makes sense that Politics has become such a theatrical display – Because to the ones with Money – there really is no urgency at all. They have money. They have access to what ever they want. This is why they do not even bother to ask the right questions or consider policies that would Actually Benefit and Improve Life for ALL. They have all the money and thus all the time in the world to take as long as they want to actually come up with a solution.

Perhaps all politicians should have their comforts removed and given the wages of the ones they are supposed to be making the decisions for – Perhaps this will give them a different perspective on what is necessary.

What is required is a BASIC INCOME GRANT for all those without employment. A Basic Income Grant that would ensure all being within a certain income bracket receives the Grant to ensure a dignified quality of living. This will also stop “Economic Slavery” as now one will not be forced to work a job they don’t want to, simply because they have no money and must take that particular job. With a Basic Income Grant this will immediately stop homelessness. As ALL citizens would be entitled to a Basic Income Grant.

Obviously high income earners would not qualify for the grant. “BIG” would simply be implemented to stabilize the quality of living as an intern solution within our current system until a Final Solution is Established.

It would replace other welfare programs that are at this stage highly ineffective and extensively limited. Thus the “amount” that one receive with “BIG”  should ensure them a high standard of living and stop with the bull-shit of giving just enough money to keep  one afloat and alive but really offering no means to actually empower themselves within the system – Yes we require a massive correction of our current system so that we actually create a System where ALL beings here are fully functional and participating and enjoying life. Our current welfare/social security system is like a Snake that Constrict its inhabitants, Just barely keeping them alive, completely defenceless, no room to expand, where one fear to even breathe the wrong way as with each breath the life is slowly squeezed out. So just remember not to breathe – And you will be Fine

So no more social system that just Trap Beings and Keep them contained with no actual option to expand – Thus with a Basic Income Grant (BIG) the amount must be based on a Dignified life that ensure the being is not subjected to Economic Slavery and have basic survival point taken care of.

For More Information Regarding a Permanent Economic Solution that is Best for ALL

Visit the Equal Money System Website – www.equalmoney.org

The First Edition of The Equal Money Book – The Future of Money is now available at the desteni store –


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“Game-On” : Sports in an Equal Money System



How will sports work in an Equal Money System?

Will they still exist?

What will they look like?

What sports will be no more?

What new sports will emerge?

How will the rules change?


There are many aspects one can look at with regards to how sports will change in an Equal Money System. Specifically in terms of how sports is currently being shaped through/by Money and thus how sports will once the rules and nature of Money changes through the implementation of an Equal Money System.

So lets simply take a look at a few points with regards to how Money Currently function in the sporting industry and how Money extensively influence, shape and ultimately is the guiding hand which produces what is the current accepted and allowed manifestation of Sports in this world.


Big Salaries

One point I see is that there will be no more “Big Salaries” going to the top players of the sport. This will have an impact on what then individuals give their attention to in their life, where there would no more be a “money incentive” to pursue sports as a child, to dedicate oneself to a particular sport in consideration that this particular sport just also happens to come with a big pay cheque. You often here the players talk about their “Love for the Game” I wonder if this statement would hold true if there was no money involved. Also one must look at how These “Big Salaries” influence and shape society/culture from the perspective of how a child’s parents would push and “encourage” their child to become good a sports. Obviously this would not be if there was not the possibility to become really rich. Thus These “Big Salaries” catch and hold the attention of parents and children alike and thus act as an invisible guiding hand within the likes and dislikes of the individual shaping the overall attitude and expression of a particular culture and society.

Scholarships and Education

In the current system one is actually able to earn a college scholarship based on their ability in a particular sport. This obviously is not fair and equal for all and still is a point which cater mostly to the rich as it is mostly the rich who have the money to register their children into sports due to the high costs of this and even more cost to further to develop the Childs skills with special training camps to ensure that they will have the edge over the other kids in the sport and will be more likely “make it” to the big leagues for be selected from School Scholarship. There are the few exceptions to the rule where you have the odd kid who excels at a particular sport coming from a less privileged background and thus for him/her this may be their only access to education which is quite a risky path we have currently carved out in our system for some individuals to actually stand an equal chance in this world, as one slip, one unexpected injury could spell the downfall for that individual and have a massive impact on the rest of their life. In an Equal Money System Education will simply be a birth-right for all and no more just a option for those with Money. No more requiring individuals to walk such a tightrope which at the moment is what it is like to actually have a decent life in this world. What a Circus we have made out of this world.

Sports are for the Rich and Privileged

Also Sports in an Equal Money System will be available to all and no longer be an exclusive privilege to those with money. A mentioned sports in our current system can be quite expensive to get into as a child and as one move along in the ranks it becomes increasingly more and more expensive, which ultimately weed out the poor from having a chance at all to compete against those with money.

And thus within an EMS system you have ALL beings able to participate within Sports and thus the level of quality and skill level within sports will increase.


At this stage it is a fight. An absolute battle and competition against others to “make it” Where one is willing to literally fight with or injure another at the chance to improve their chances for Survival/Money/Glory in the Sport. No doubt seeing how this is many’s only possible chance at making a decent living for themselves in this world. It is literally DO OR DIE. Many that do not make it do not have the proper skills to actually effectively function within the world system after the sport is done and through, since their total dedication/time/attention when into perfecting themselves in the sport.

What about the GLORY

With an Equal Money System will come a Re-Education of ourselves as beings in this world. In this we will learn to no more seek and search for attention and recognition outside of ourselves.

Fame will be a point which from my perspective will be phased out of this existence where there is no more specific points in our reality which get all the glory and fame, while the rest look on in adoration. So what I am looking at here is in an Equal Money System the foundation or starting point of ourselves within playing sports will no longer be to “attain fame” or to “Get the Big Paycheque” and “the life” that comes with this. Essentially in an Equal Money System we will create a system which will provide for all the lifestyle that would have otherwise been only afforded by the “Superstar”, and thus this will alleviate the drive/desire/urgency to pursue such a position.

There will no longer be any reason to become the famous superstar, as that which was initially only accessible to the superstar will now be accessible to all.

At least this will alleviate the “Money Incentive” within pursuing such a point.

There is still the question of EGO

Simply wanting all the attention as a point of “feeling worthy of self” Though this point of “feeling worthy of self” will also be challenged within a world of equality where simply by birthright one has access to all the necessities just like the next person, and no more will one be placed in a system where one develop complexes of unworthiness due to seeing others having so much more, simply a result of if they were born into a fortunate position or not. The point within an Equal Money System is to have every being that is born onto this earth, no matter where they are in the world be in an equal position/starting point as the next.

So if each one of us actually accepted ourselves as who we are as life – Would there be any need to attempt to attain fame or recognition or glory.

This is definitely a vein of questions that will determine how sports will be played/expressed in an a New System of Equality.

So within an Equal Money System we now have the motivation of money removed as why one would push and persist within a particular sport, as well as motivation of fame, recognition removed from the perspective of the process of Education of Ourselves with regards to “who we are” where in Glory and Fame will in a way be no more Valid Points which are not only accepted as normal in our current system but actually pumped up and promoted as something to attain to.

What about Trading Players?

At the moment in sports, players are traded all the time, and it is rare that the actual player has any say what so ever in this transaction. It is prominently based on money, and thus one could be traded at any time where they then are forced to move to which ever city/team they have been traded to, regardless of if it actually supporting the being, and perhaps their family, or children. This will no longer be the case in an Equal Money System as the obvious common sensical point brought to the fore is Support of Ourselves in the best way possible. Which is contradictory to treating individuals like a product to be sold and traded ignorant of if the point actually support the individual or not. It is all about the MONEY, and this has an impact one ones life.

Abusing the Physical Body

I mean is it really necessary to play as many games as are currently being played in sports?

Keep in mind that in many sports a player over the age of 30 is moving into the range of being an old player, simply due to the grueling nature of the sport as how it is currently played at the moment.

I wonder what the average age span will be of athletes in an equal money system, where support of our human physical body is not overlooked and suppressed by the need and desire to make and pursue money.

In ice hockey there is 82 regular season games. There is merchandising, there is seat sales, there is money to be made. In the early years of the NHL (National Hockey League) teams played only around 40 games. More games equals more money. And thus money is driving the amount of games played per season.

More money for the arena

More money for the players

More money for advertisers to advertise their products

In this you have individuals abusing their physical bodies extensively now taking extreme training measures to be able to compete in professional sports so that they can get that big pay cheque, and in this ultimately destroying ones human physical body before one is even half way done ones life.

Sports is absolutely a product of money.

I have just now touched the surface of a few points of how money is infused in the very essence of sports in this world, and thus in an equal money system, money will absolutely be extracted out of sport, and we will simply start again in developing sports as a form of self expression and self support no longer having it taken over by money or the ego.


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Slow Death by Hourly Wage – Labour System Abuses The Majority

I am going to discuss an interesting aspect of our society, of our world, of that which make up the System at large and is integral to the movement and function of the World System. That is “working by the hour”. Meaning where one get paid an hourly wage to work.

I want to communicate here about this as there is an element of this point that has become more clear to me through the last year. What I have come to see, is that working by the hour is basically working within a form of slavery, where one never gets “ahead” nor in essence really fall behind, but just “stay afloat”

What is also interesting is that “working by the hour” is an accepted method of employment and that there is much delusion around this point of working by the hour, where one actually believe that they are able to “get ahead” or “become successful” within such an agreement.

When I look at this point I see that to strive for good employment where one secure a job to work at an “acceptable” hourly wage is really implying that one is attempting to “lock themselves” into a form of routine within the system where they have essentially accepted the system the way it is, and just better fucking conform fast as to ensure their survival.

I understand why a person would agree to this, and strive for this as nothing is certain within this world and thus any form of security in the shape of stable employment is considered “a good thing”

Though in fact, this is just a method of enslavement to a system of abuse as that which we have currently in place within this world as the capitalistic system. The system which has its tentacles into every corner and crevasse of this world.

I have for the first time in my life walked the point of working a “full-time” job from the perspective of working in relation to a 9 to 5 type model where in I get paid by the hour and live in the system as a functioning member of society. I resisted doing this for my entire life. I have worked numerous jobs in my life but had avoided until now the “working a full-time job” in the system.

So what have I found out?

That this type of job where one work “full-time” in the system within and hourly wage agreement is in fact enslavement where one is not in fact able to get ahead so to speak. That this type of agreement makes if very difficult for an individual to express and expand themselves and of course makes it practically impossible for ALL beings to do this

This is quite fascinating to see this and to actually be walking this point for myself and seeing for myself what this all entails. What options are there for beings walking/living this point. Where will this lead. What this provides in terms of future possibilities. How will this support one when they are 60 years old etc. What kind of life style will this support. So I have been looking at the various aspects of what it means to live in this world and how “working by the hour” affects and influences and supplements ones life in this world who is Here within the system attempting to “create a life for themselves” and enjoy their lives here on this planet.

Though what I see within living this point for myself is that how this does NOT in fact support a being to living a fulfilling dignified enjoyable life at all, but rather place them into a position of enslavement  and struggle with little opportunity to enjoy a life that only some are able to live due to the amount of money that they have.

I mean, for instance if the average hourly wage of the workers in my country was ACTUALLY ENOUGH to provide a dignified life for an individual WHY then do we, here in Canada have one of the highest average household debt levels in the world. Indicating obviously that the PRIMARY way the MAJORITY  of individuals earn a living for themselves here in my Country is NOT providing enough for a being to live a life that is supportive to the individual and allowing them to explore, express and develop themselves to their optimum potential here within their lifespan on Earth. And thus they must take on DEBT to afford for themselves such things as Education, Transportation, Housing etc…Really – Indicating that the current System is NOT effectively providing for those within the system to in fact reach their optimum potential.

I am currently employed at the average hourly wage for my country.

I make just enough money to in essence function within this system. This average hourly wage enables me to live paycheque to paycheque where I never in fact save any money but is just enough to simply exist here and function within this system, eat, have a place to live, a car, internet etc. The basics. And nothing more. ITS PERFECT as working by the hour at the average income level keeps me LOCKED securely into the system just above the level of survival. Any deviation from this routine will place my ability to eat and function highly at risk and thus this way or method of functioning effectively coerce the majority of the population to remain perfect slaves within the system, busy working to keep the system functioning and moving and supporting the lavish lifestyles of the select few who are at the TOP of the system standing on the BACKS of those who are hunched over at their desk working 9 to 5 every day of the way week.

Everybody is Human, Everybody enjoys to do with their time what they want. I would find it hard to believe that anyone would want someone to tell them what to do, or to work at a job that they do not enjoy just so someone else can go on holiday.

Thus I support an Equal Money System as this will put an end to the hourly wage. This will put an end to the majority of the population working their asses off so that a small percentage of the population can benefit and live luxurious lifestyles.

An Equal Money System will put an end to the cycles that trap millions and millions of beings in this world. The Cycle that I have come to find myself in as the worker in the System working the Hourly Wage living paycheque to paycheque being forced to accept that as LIFE. I Realize that I must take Responsibility for myself within this and rather than point the finger and blame someone else, direct myself in such a way that will put an end to this accepted way of life of abuse, and thus I support an Equal Money System

I do not support this system as it is a system of abuse, that repeats itself over and over and over where the majority of the population is forced into a mold and repetitious actions that do NOT at all benefit them as living breathing beings, but only manipulate them into functional robot slaves. With no possibility to actually decide for themselves what they would like to do

I support the Equal Money Solution as a Practical System with which to Re-Establish our Functionality Here on Earth, where the relationships we form with each other and this earth is based on The Principle of Equality and what is best for all So that we can STOP existing in these pointless cycles of misery.

Just image

How many relationships as interactions between beings currently exist at the moment!

Billions, Trillions, uncountable

Now imagine if those relationships are based on a principle of GREED and Self Interest. When all that comes together you end up with…well, what we have here at the moment. War, Poverty, Rich, Poor, in essence, the capitalist society.

Now take all of these already existing relationships and transform them into relationships based on the principle of Equality and What is Best for ALL.

Within this we re-shape, and re-establish our world, how it functions, how it supports each one, what is available to each one. Everything will change.

And thus this is Why I Support an Equal Money System as it Support the transformation of the relationships of this world into that which stand for Equality and what is best for ALL LIFE!

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